The Oxide Lounge is owned and operated by Tony SanFilippo. SanFilippo has been a musician since he was a child and holds a degree in music performance from Northern Illinois University. He started his professional engineering career at Shiny On Top Records where he was chief engineer and studio manager. He spent almost six years there until the owner decided it was time to move on, SanFilippo bought out his boss and opened the Oxide Lounge.

SanFilippo has recorded hundreds of projects ranging from Rock to Jazz, Classical to Hip-Hop. Clients include: 2Likeminds, None Taken, Redemption, Stephanie Avants, John Walsh storytelling, Big Bubble Space Helmet, Stumpwhoopt, Stone Blue, Junkie Princess, Public Display of Funk, Pound of Feathers, The Artist Formally Known As Vince, The Spelunkers, The Thingies, Lego Spacemen, Barry Blinderman, VooDoo Dust, AKA, VonFrickle, Emmaus Road, HyperQueer, Blues Therapy, Wiplot and many, many others.


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